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We are all one with our
Creator and we are all
of His light and energy.  
Learn how to find the
light within and allow
yourself to lead a
healthy and abundant
Open Your Celestial Doorway
Increase and enhance your own intuitive gifts.
Receive guidance and messages from your higher self.
Release energy blockages that are keeping you from what you want.
Open, charge & clear your Aura, Chakras and Meridians.
Transmute negative emotions that hinder your spiritual growth.
Bring JOY into your life.
The strongest things often
seem the weakest...
Gentleness is stronger
than cruelty...
Patience is stronger
than impatience...
Mercy is stronger
than revenge...
Love is stronger than
What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?
Touched by Angels
A Positive thought is 100 times more powerful
than a negative thought.
~You must look beyond what the physical eyes can see~
Love Donation...When
you feel guided.
Custom Bath
Carolyn Schultz,

Spiritual Life Path

We are all born with innate
abilities and most take for
granted what comes so
naturally to us. Often these
things are not recognized on
a conscious level. Grow in the
self exploration of what
already comes natural and
understand how it all works
as a whole. Grow into your
own self awareness for
wherever you are on your

A Practitioner of Holistic
Medicine, I work with your
soul's etheric body and
energy; to release Cell
Memory from all lifetimes that
we have lived. I help you to
step into your power by
helping you understand your
own energy. You will
recognize when other's
energy effects you and the
pain it causes our own
physical bodies. Learn to
remove this outside energy
and realize your own while
healing from within.
Recognize what is happening
as it happens, allow life to
unfold, hear your messages
and allow your confirmation
to come.

Essential Oils, Crystal
Therapy, Salt Therapy &
Aroma Therapy.
~ Blog Talk Radio With Jill Hightower,  
Animal Communicator & Carolyn Schultz,  
Spiritual Advisor ~